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The branch of zoology that deals with mollusks.

[French malacologie : Greek malakos, soft; see mel- in Indo-European roots + -logie, -logy (from Old French; see -logy).]

mal′a·co·log′i·cal (-kə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.
mal′a·col′o·gist n.
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(Zoology) the branch of zoology concerned with the study of molluscs
malacological adj
ˌmalaˈcologist n
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(ˌmæl əˈkɒl ə dʒi)

the branch of zoology that deals with the study of mollusks.
[1830–40; < French]
mal`a•co•log′i•cal (-kəˈlɒdʒ ɪ kəl) adj.
mal`a•col′o•gist, n.
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conchology. — malacologist, n.
See also: Zoology
the study of molluscs. — malacologist, n.
See also: Biology
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The branch of zoology that deals with the study of mollusks.
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Noun1.malacology - the branch of zoology that studies the structure and behavior of mollusks
conchology, shell collecting - the collection and study of mollusc shells
zoological science, zoology - the branch of biology that studies animals
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The UCA University Malacological Center (UCACM) has been monitoring Nicaraguan malacology since 1981 with greater emphasis on the Matagalpa and Jinotega rainforest especially at Juan R.
He has specific interests in medical malacology and molecular epidemiology of schistosomiasis in Africa and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
On September 2, 2018, just after the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the museum, the palace was entirely burned, causing the loss of all collections of Archaeology, Entomology, Ethnology, Malacology, Paleontology, and....
The catalogue codes for the malacology collection of the Museum of Zoology, University of Costa Rica (MZUCR) for each of the eight shells and five whole specimens of clams are also listed in Table 1.
(1961) The Giant African Snail; a Problem in Economic Malacology. University of Chicago Press, 257 pp.
After fixation the sample was sent to the National Reference Laboratory in Schistosomiasis, Malacology (FIOCRUZ/RJ), responsible for registration and identification ofthe material based on observation of the shells and morphological aspects performed using a binocular stereoscope microscope.
Addressing the event, chairman of the ICOM Azerbaijan National Committee, PhD in Art Studies Shirin Malikova welcomed the guests and presented a unique collection of malacology from all continents, Azertac reported.
We have relied heavily on Checklist of the Land Snails and Slugs of California (Roth and Sadeghian 2003) as well as the malacology collections at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.
Malacology is the branch of zoology concerned with which type of creatures?