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Poorly suited to a particular function or situation.


(ˌmæl əˈdæp tɪd)

poorly suited or adapted to a particular condition or set of circumstances.
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The reason they have this disease is because their vestibular-ocular reflex is maladapted, and the treatment readapts them," Dai says.
74) Thus, the system repeatedly overcorrects, becoming unstable and inflexible, leaving it fragile and inherently maladapted to react to change.
The relevance of our study consists in analysing how the negative emotions behave and their relation to the maladapted behaviour in the young offenders population and if it follows the same pattern as the general population.
We're so accustomed to the retained agency system, and its arcane conventions, that we fail to see it for the strange and maladapted entity that it is.
This lack of dialogue, in turn, provides excellent cover for the persistence of maladapted property rules (and cost ineffective bureaucracy).
2000), the reactions of incompatibility may be related to a self-defense system, responsible for limiting the passage of infectious elements and/or preventing exploitation by maladapted nuclei.
One of the most common complication vitreo-retinal surgeons come across after retinal detachment surgery and other vitreo-retinal procedures is PVR, which is basically a maladapted repair process of the retinal wound; which results in the formation of epiretinal membranes due to immune and retinal cells proliferation and the cause of tractional retinal detachment in such cases.
Extroverts are more than introverts, but it does not show that the introverted persons are maladapted.
Non-local genotypes may be maladapted to local site conditions, leading to improper establishment, or negative impacts to plant and animal communities through competition or species hybridization (Bischoff et al.
Yes, the system within which Cicero produced and circulated his philosophical works was maladapted to female participation; but we also need to take into account how heterosociality, the system of social relations that governed interactions between women and men in Roman society, would have constrained and configured Cicero and Caerellia's dealings and how it would have affected and refracted the meaning of any literary, textual, or even social interaction between the two of them.
The long-standing assumption of random, constant, and gradual mutagenesis is refuted by observations that mutations occur more frequently when cells are maladapted to their environments.
The abnormal behavior is pervasive and clearly maladapted to a broad range of personal and social relationships.