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Marked by a lack of adroitness; inept.
An inept person.

[French : mal-, mal- + adroit, adroit; see adroit.]

mal′a·droit′ly adv.
mal′a·droit′ness n.
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Adv.1.maladroitly - in a maladroit mannermaladroitly - in a maladroit manner; "he dealt with the situation maladroitly"
adroitly - with adroitness; in an adroit manner; "he handled the situation adroitly"


[ˈmæləˈdrɔɪtlɪ] ADVtorpemente
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Why did you so maladroitly restore me the handkerchief?
Goalkeeper Neil Etheridge maladroitly hoicked a clearance to the left touchline where Adams won the header and set off down the wing.
7), and yet Raymond verses himself in Aymery's disguise in Aquitaine lest he "should maladroitly spoil the play / For want of cues" (p.
ru, which looks like a maladroitly designed personal home page from 1998 rather than a professional artist's online archive, might be the best example.
Europe seems defensive, with Euro-secularists resolved to deploy the European Union as a barrier against the return of religion, while somewhat maladroitly backing multiculturalism.
land" suggests, it is hard to avoid the impression that Dissenting Bodies brings little more to the table than (in Finch's overwrought phrasing) "corporeal metaphor[s] of eating" (97)--metaphors either simply or maladroitly applied to our already well-established and most basic understandings of early English colonial culture.
Jimmy Carter maladroitly confesses in a 1976 Playboy interview, "I have committed adultery in my heart many times.