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or mal·e·mute  (măl′ə-myo͞ot′)
An Alaskan malamute.

[Short for malamute dog, from Inupiaq Malimiut, name of a subgroup of the Inupiaq.]


(ˈmæləˌmuːt) or


(Breeds) an Alaskan sled dog of the spitz type, having a dense usually greyish coat
[from the name of an Inuit tribe]

Alas′kan mal′amute

one of an Alaskan breed of large dogs with a dense, coarse gray or black and white coat, erect ears, and a bushy tail carried over the back, raised orig. for pulling sleds.
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Noun1.malamute - breed of sled dog developed in Alaskamalamute - breed of sled dog developed in Alaska
sled dog, sledge dog - a dog trained to draw a sled usually in a team
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And it doesn't take long before Paul is besotted with Battersea's current longest resident, Baloo, a beautiful Alaskan Malamute THE LAST KINGDOM BBC2, 9pm Uhtred continues his quest to find his true identity - Viking or Saxon?
Among his Christmas patients are an Alaskan malamute in need of a double knee replacement, and springer spaniel Harvey who arrives at the surgery with a shattered jaw.
My Alaskan Malamute can be a bit aggressive with some dogs and likes to have go at very quiet dogs for no reason.
The Alaskan Malamute Club of Canada says the dogs may require constant behavior training because they want to fight.
I took my large dog with me, an Alaskan malamute but, had the dog been left in the house, I think the bike and my daughter might have been safe.
His malamute dog sledding team is considered to be one of the most resilient, hard-core teams around.
Alaskan malamute Nanna, 10, loves going for gentle strolls and playing with tennis balls.
In another tragic case, Hugo, another of the Alaskan Malamute pups who arrived at the centre alongside Malakai, saw vets struggle in vain to save his life.
Steven Pritchard, from Cowlersley, scooped first prize for dog in best condition with his four-year-old Alaskan Malamute Jess.
Marketing consultant Christine has always been a fan of Alaskan Malamute sled dogs, so when she saw a Facebook post by the legendary Malamute dog musher Joe Henderson, asking for people to join his team for an expedition, she decided it was the perfect chance to raise funds for two charities close to her heart - Malamute Matters and Friends of Oscar to support children with brain and spinal tumours.
He is a mammoth mix of greater Swiss mountain dog and Alaskan malamute.