malarial mosquito

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Noun1.malarial mosquito - transmits the malaria parasitemalarial mosquito - transmits the malaria parasite  
mosquito - two-winged insect whose female has a long proboscis to pierce the skin and suck the blood of humans and animals
Anopheles, genus Anopheles - malaria mosquitoes; distinguished by the adult's head-downward stance and absence of breathing tubes in the larvae
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Its effectiveness diminishes over time and it disappears fastest in children who are most exposed to malarial mosquito bites.
The researchers, led by Associate Professor Giles Duffield and Assistant Professor Zain Syed of the Department of Biological Sciences, examined the role for a major chemosensory family of mosquito proteins, odorant-binding proteins (OBPs), in the daily regulation of olfactory sensitivities in the malarial mosquito.
Much of the southern United States is favorable to the malarial mosquito. Malaria, yellow fever, and other diseases for which mosquitoes are the vector, used to be endemic in the South; mosquitoes have recently undergone an explosive population growth since their breeding grounds are now "protected" under federal law.
ISLAMABAD -- For the first time, researchers led by the Imperial College London, have genetically modified malarial mosquitoes so that they carry a gene that disrupts egg production in female mosquitoes.
Carson and her bombshell nonfiction bestseller from 1962, "Silent Spring." For my generation, the letters DDT are ominous; I had no idea that the pesticide was originally a wonder chemical credited as a key to the Allied victory in World War II by killing off malarial mosquitoes. The documentary showed film of a proponent demonstrating DDT's safety by eating a spoonful of the fabulous powder.
At that time he said at least 20 of the girls were ill, not surprising given that they are probably being held in an area infested with malarial mosquitoes, poisonous snakes and spiders, and relying on unclean water from rivers.
She showed me her one anti-malaria mosquito net and told me how every evening she agonizes over which children to squeeze under it--and which ones to leave out and expose to malarial mosquitoes.
After all, it means continued sea-level rise, stronger storms and more frequent flooding, drier and longer-lasting droughts, enhanced heat-stress episodes, ocean acidification (destroying corals and other sea life), and the northward migration of malarial mosquitoes and pine beetles.
He focuses on questions of agricultural colonization, wildlife conservation, and disease control as he traces how the Terai was transformed from a land of swamps, forests, and grasslands, home to tigers and malarial mosquitoes, into a normalized landscape differing little from the rest of India in terms of public health, wildlife conservation, and agriculture.
They had just heard from Gordon Brown, Bill Clinton, 'Bono' and other orators how these insecticide-treated nets protected poor people from malarial mosquitoes while they slept.
DDT, which helps kill malarial mosquitoes, was sprayed in America to eradicate malaria.