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also ma·lar·ky  (mə-lär′kē)
n. Slang
Exaggerated or foolish talk, usually intended to deceive: "snookered by a lot of malarkey" (New Republic).

[Origin unknown.]


(məˈlɑːkɪ) or


slang nonsense; rubbish
[C20: of unknown origin]


(məˈlɑr ki)

Slang. speech or writing designed to obscure, mislead, or impress; bunk.
[1925–30, Amer.; orig. uncertain]
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Noun1.malarkey - empty rhetoric or insincere or exaggerated talk; "that's a lot of wind"; "don't give me any of that jazz"
talk, talking - an exchange of ideas via conversation; "let's have more work and less talk around here"


also malarky
Slang. Something that does not have or make sense:
Informal: tommyrot.


n (inf) (= messing about)Blödelei f (inf); (= nonsense)Hokuspokus m (sl); (= goings-on)Gedöns nt (inf)
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Ads promoting the tape brought discouraging response and showings at cat shows produced raised eyebrows, says Malarkey, noting his firm, Pet Avision, has produced a variety of pet tapes but, "Video Catnip, Entertainment for Cats," ($19.
We want to provide Internet consumers with access to our most current content and products so customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online," said Daniel Malarkey, general manager at Amazon.
When Vice President hopeful Paul Ryan was in the middle of talking, Vice President Joe Biden cut him off to tell him that his assertion was "a bunch of malarkey.
David Malarkey ENTERTAINMENT: Gamers and Youtubers have been invited to take part in the North East's first ever family Minecraft event in May.
Yes, Alex Malarkey was in an auto accident in 2004, and did suffer severe spinal, neck and brain injuries.
To complete the deal, John Walters and Craig Malarkey from Tilly Bailey & Irvine provided legal support, while Andrew Fotheringham and Matt Waters of Evolution LLP provided advice on funding and accountancy.
Tyndale House, a major Christian publisher, has announced its decision to stop selling the book after one of the writers, Alex Malarkey, admitted that the content of the sensational book is all just a lie.
Joined by the Malarkey Big Band, the group brought their unique brand of entertainment to the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama's intimate hall.
Working with Craig Malarkey at Tilly Bailey and Irvine and my colleague Brian Beaumont, we have been able to secure the funding they need to create more jobs, which is great news for the firm and fantastic news for the area.
UNELECTED Foreign Office minister Baroness Warsi hasn't quite got the hang of the democracy malarkey we use to elect our representatives.
This works consists of removing the existing shingle roofing down to substrate (approximately 4,000 square feet), remove debris related to roof demolition, check existing substrate for damage or rot, install ice & water shield on roof eaves and valleys, install 15# felt underlayment on remaining roof area, install 50 year Malarkey Legacy 130 mph architectural shingles, install step flashing as needed, and install new plumbing vent pipe flashing.
But in reality, Malarkey, an Oregon native and Le Cordon Bleu graduate, has been extremely successful over the past few years, opening several restaurants and hosting ABC's cooking show The Taste.