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Govor's Well, which was full of water when Malcolm the Bold fell into it.
This useful property of the royal hand could, it appears, be transmitted along with other crown properties; for according to "Malcolm,"
Ruby told me she was hid in the hall pantry when Malcolm Andres proposed to her sister Susan.
At the door stood Malcolm Ramsay, a homely neighbour youth who had been courting Ursula in his clumsy way ever since she grew up.
``Prince,'' answered Cedric, ``I have ever done justice to thy bravery and thy worth Nor am I ignorant of thy claim to the crown through thy descent from Matilda, niece to Edgar Atheling, and daughter to Malcolm of Scotland.
Leeds-based Geoffery Martin & Co is trying to locate a new owner for Malcolms, a family business, which plunged into administration after trading for almost 30 years.
As engineering staff at Malcolm Engineering Company (Darlington) returned from 'factory fortnight', receivers were yesterday on site trying to find a buyer for the troubled Durham company.
The company, which was founded in 1968 by Vernon Malcolm senior, is now owned by joint managing director Chris and Douglas Malcolm, Deborah Claire (nee Malcolm) and Kathleen Malcolm.
Eileen Malcolm is the company's quality manager and Jonathan Malcom heads-up I T.
I have provisionally cast Baldwin's "scenario" as presenting a transformative disorienting history with multiple Malcolms existing at once in the same location in opposition to Haley's or Lee's versions.
I am attempting to read this odd thing I can only call a "closet screenplay"--James Baldwin's written version of a film about Malcolm X never realized in the visual medium.
But the "closet screenplay" seems an appropriate vehicle for a version of Malcolm X written by a queer writer caught between a virulently homophobic Black Nationalist movement in one corner and a reactionary Nixon-era America in another.