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He even had time to congratulate Nathaniel Clyne on the birth of his child, a stark contrast to Mourinho, who was annoyed, belligerent, malcontented.
It probably started on social media, where the disgruntled and malcontented quickly found they were able to target specific individuals without having to reveal their own identities or moderate their language.
military alliance; to buy time for completing its WMD programs; to divert the attention of increasingly malcontented and undernourished North Korean masses with fake news; and to seek financial compensations and/or economic aids.
In The Green Road, it is malcontented Rosaleen who best voices a negative perception of her children according to these parameters: "Four children on the brink of middle age: the Madigans had no traction in the world, no substance.
The Michigan Court of Appeals' answer to the question of whether an employer can make defamatory statements to potential employers of former employees gives every malcontented employee a reason to count to 10.
The gap between rich and poor is getting worse-just look at the many malcontented young people who are desperate enough to turn to terror.
(36) In the field of English literature, women educators are sometimes portrayed in a binary fashion as either youthful, selfless paragons or aged, malcontented spinsters.
James Ramsay, and later James Stephen, promised that an end to the African slave trade would reduce investor risk and the state's exposure to the cost of fighting malcontented slaves.
His signature was a pencil-thin moustache and a nasal, malcontented laugh.
His job as a schoolteacher is the first to go as the malcontented Zundel chooses escape over security.
Lee Oser's sophomore novel offers a wry and appealing brew of malcontented characters navigating the absurd deifications which accompany modern celebrity.
Edward enters the play, according to the opening stage direction, 'malcontented'.