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Noun1.male chest - the chest of a manmale chest - the chest of a man      
male body - the body of a male human being
chest, pectus, thorax - the part of the human torso between the neck and the diaphragm or the corresponding part in other vertebrates
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They would present themselves wearing short shorts, shirts unbuttoned and intended to call attention to the male chest while betraying the inevitable weakening of the male abdominal muscles which result in the bulging of that part of the male physique .
It was a matter of if I don't I won't be here." In the show he is wheeled to theatre for liposuction surgery to give him a male chest.
The main objective of subcutaneous mastectomy is to create an aesthetically pleasing male chest contour by removing all glandular tissue while minimizing chest wall scars.
The ideal position of the NAC on the male chest may be derived from mathematical equations based on the work done by Beckenstein, Beer and Shulman in their published works.
A typical male chest or back takes just 5 minutes to treat while a full leg can be performed in under 15 minutes.
take place at our private hospital Breast Augmentation Breast Eyelid Surgery Nose Male Chest Reduction gig is one of 15 extra dates that have been added to Davies' UK tour this autumn.
And, for much of that time, a hairy male chest was associated with virility and sex appeal.
HA Won of an Th co HARD TO BARE What's made from one million strands male chest hair and costs PS2,499?
" VASER lipo can be used on any part of the body, including the face and neck, abdomen, buttocks, arms, backs, thighs or male chest. The accuracy that VASER allows also means that it can produce a 'six-pack'' effect in the right candidates.
when I looked in the mirror and saw a male chest it was exhilarating."
"The injectable gel is a product for volume restoration and contouring of body surfaces and is used on the breasts, post liposuction concavities, calves, buttocks and male chest shaping.
The five most popular male cosmetic surgery procedures are nose reshaping, male chest reduction, liposuction, face/neck lift and ear reshaping.