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Noun1.male genital organ - external male sex organsmale genital organ - external male sex organs    
male body - the body of a male human being
male reproductive system - the reproductive system of males
scrotum - the external pouch that contains the testes
ballock, testicle, testis, orchis, egg, ball, nut - one of the two male reproductive glands that produce spermatozoa and secrete androgens; "she kicked him in the balls and got away"
male reproductive gland - the reproductive organs of a man
penis, member - the male organ of copulation (`member' is a euphemism)
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Summary: Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], Jan 6 (ANI): Dharohar Bachao Samiti staged a massive protest against an open art gallery at Madhavendra Palace in Nahargarh Fort for apparently displaying an art of male genital organ instead of Shivling.
Male genital organ including seminal vesicle and unremarkable vas deference were also present.
An official at the hospital in which he has been admitted explained that self-mutilation is mostly associated with psychotic disorders and voluntary dismemberment of the male genital organ is extremely rare.
"The male circumcision surgical operation is the removal of the foreskin on the male genital organ. The procedure is aimed at reducing the possibilities for sexually transmitted infections (STI) and HIV/AIDS infections in our region," said Christencia Thataone, director of the Hardap Health Directorate.
This was the first study to look through the species, Zerynthia deyrollei and Zerynthia cerisyi from the point of male genital organ morphology and their remarkable wing patterns.
The analysis of phallic decorations in Paleolithic art described in the December issue of The Journal of Urology may also show evidence of the world's first known surgery performed on a male genital organ.
New York, July 10 (ANI): A new lawsuit has slammed the female chief of 'Archie Comics' as an abusive tyrant, who is prone to vile office outbursts about the male genital organ.
pathology and genetics of tumours of the urinary system and male genital organs. Open Journal of Pathology.2014; 4:53-63.
This edition has new and updated clinical information, including general and specific treatment for diseases; new art and photos of diseases; new and updated animations; added illustrations; integration of the chapter on hyperplasia and neoplasms with the chapter on cancer; and separation of the chapter on the kidney, the lower urinary tract, and male genital organs into two new chapters.
Reuter, Eds., WHO Classification of Tumours of the Urinary System and Male Genital Organs, vol.
Urology--genitourinary surgery has been added to Apollo's portfolio, with the surgical branch dealing with kidneys, urethra, bladder, prostate, male genital organs headed by Dr A N Nagaraj.
The 2016 WHO Classification of Tumors of the Urinary System and Male Genital Organs includes this new term and defines it as tumors composed entirely of numerous cysts, lined by a single layer of tumor cells with abundant cytoplasm with low-grade tumor cells.