male genitalia

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Noun1.male genitalia - external male sex organsmale genitalia - external male sex organs    
male body - the body of a male human being
male reproductive system - the reproductive system of males
scrotum - the external pouch that contains the testes
ballock, testicle, testis, orchis, egg, ball, nut - one of the two male reproductive glands that produce spermatozoa and secrete androgens; "she kicked him in the balls and got away"
male reproductive gland - the reproductive organs of a man
penis, member - the male organ of copulation (`member' is a euphemism)
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The singer was apparently "kicked off" the animation movie "Hotel Transylvania" for buying her husband a birthday cake that looked like male genitalia, and licking that cake.
But after showing her friends her new ink, Kayla was left mortified after she realised her precious pooch's nose seemed to resemble 'male genitalia'.
One contained a wooden plaque with a drawing of male genitalia on it, which Chris mocked on Twitter.
(2015) diagnosed the family Meessiidae based on the following adult characters: small moths (wingspans 3-12 mm); forewing relatively slender and tapering, venation of hindwing reduced, male genitalia symmetrical, and the long oviscapt of female genitalia with posterior apophyses nearly 3 times longer than the anterior apophyses (Regier et al.
(2017) emphasized the importance of detailed descriptions of male genitalia to support future reviews and phylogenetic studies.
A recent example included reports of buildings in Peterlee being vandalised with pictures of male genitalia and swastikas.
But Swinton has now come clean on the stunt and revealed she underwent fours hours in make-up every day to make it work - and even donned fake male genitalia.
According to an arrest report obtained by WJXT, the girl's cellphone showed an image of male genitalia sent from a number associated with Browning. Text messages on the girl's cellphone also contained conversations referencing video FaceTime chats while nude, according to the arrest warrant.
apparent female genitalia with clitoromegaly, posterior labial fusion or inguinal/labial mass and apparent male genitalia with non-palpable testes), micropenis, undescended testis (testes presenting as inguinal hernia or abdominal testes found on imaging studies), incomplete or delayed puberty and primary amenorrhea.
Differences were noticed in head sutures, chaetotaxy, male and female terminalia, subgenital plates and male genitalia, also in their body sclerotization, pigmentation and morphometry.
Mongolia lodged a diplomatic protest with Japan on Friday after a monthly kid's comic magazine included a picture of national hero Genghis Khan with a crude sketch of male genitalia across his forehead, Japan Times reported.
External male genitalia morphology in both species is distinguishable by the overall structure of genital capsule, shape of clasp, and aedeagus.