male sibling

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Noun1.male sibling - a sibling who is malemale sibling - a sibling who is male    
blood brother, brother - a male with the same parents as someone else; "my brother still lives with our parents"
kinsman - a male relative
female sibling - a person's sister
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The remaining 18 were mixed gender (15 dyads with a female participant and male sibling, and 3 with a male participant and female sibling).
A 9-year-old male sibling of a 4-year-old brother commented: "Him yelling and screaming, but sometimes also when he bothers me when I'm trying to like read or play a game.
Only Egyptian men with a male sibling are allowed to be conscripted, if they have no male siblings or dual citizenship they are exempt from service.
A girl child is often treated differently from her male sibling in terms of nutrition, health care and education, especially in families with limited financial resources-with the insufficient means allocated unevenly in favour of the male offspring.
First male sibling died of hydrocephalus at age of four months.
My male sibling, eight years older than I, was also very fond of singing.
But the joyous tune Brother, with its chorus "forever I'll be your brother" and lyrics "there is nothing I wouldn't do", could be written for anyone with a male sibling.
The third conclusion is that female siblings generally use relational maintenance behaviors at a higher rate than male siblings (Myers & Members of COM 200) and female-female sibling dyads generally use relational maintenance behaviors at a higher rate than male-male sibling dyads or cross-sex sibling dyads (Mikkelson, 2006b; Myers & Members of COM 200).
Other aspects of the participants' family situation, such as parents' employment and marital status, as well as birth order and the presence of a male sibling, were found to be unrelated to tomboyism and self-esteem.
One male sibling in middle adolescence shared, "living with someone with a physical disability doesn't have many disadvantages, and some decent advantages, so spina bifida probably isn't as bad of a handicap as one might think, if 'handicap' can even be applied, at least from my perspective.
THERE is much in today's press about the happenings in a house owned by an elder male sibling, particularly the noises made by one celebrity about another.
Carlos, six years into recovery, is a 39-year-old carpenter, single, and the oldest male sibling in a family of four.