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1. Having or exerting a malignant influence.
2. Malicious or harmful.

[Latin maleficus : male, ill; see mel- in Indo-European roots + -ficus, -fic.]


(məˈlɛf ɪk)

productive of evil; malign; harmful: a malefic spell.
[1645–55; < Latin maleficus evil-doing. See male-, -fic]
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Adj.1.malefic - having or exerting a malignant influencemalefic - having or exerting a malignant influence; "malevolent stars"; "a malefic force"
maleficent - harmful or evil in intent or effect
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The crucial question about the relationship of women and witchcraft may not be why early modern women practiced harmful magic more often than men, but why they seemed to manifest the malefic power ascribed to witches more often than men.
Evil spirits are creatures that estranged themselves from God and exercise a malefic influence upon humankind.
Thus, Arrows of Rain, Bukuru's grandmother's phrase "for rain's malefic face," becomes the novel's central metaphor.
In her eyes it was a badge of shame, a malefic talisman.
Nor could I have conceived how overly angelic would be the good Russians and how utterly malefic the bad ones.
Be confided to the community what the sorcerer had told her on his deathbed: "Human beings now behave like baleful ghosts, and there is no amulet or talisman to exorcise the malefic creatures.
The Dragon's Tail is a point in space, the South Node of the moon, then regarded as malefic - a well known point.
The stars were malefic and indicate running away and loss.
Reports of similar malefic acts have started doing rounds at an alarming rate with the Nazimabad area disinterment of young girls' cadavers by a necromania to state his morbid perversion being the predecessor to this mass grave desecration at hand.
He said all the cases which registered in the past against PPP leadership were based on political victimization and malefic intentions.
Hepzibah's other cousin, the malefic Judge Pyncheon (Ben Smith in dual roles), is determined to find the land grant deed that the colonel purportedly hid in the mansion, a deed that would make him the wealthiest man in North America.
Accordingly, Greek astrologers, with Babylonian antecedents, treated Venus as benefic and Mercury as ambiguous, not necessarily malefic.