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1. The doing of harm; mischief.
2. Harmful or malicious nature or quality.

[Latin maleficentia, from maleficus, malefic; see malefic.]
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Noun1.maleficence - doing or causing evil
malevolence, malignity - wishing evil to others
beneficence - doing good; feeling beneficent
2.maleficence - the quality or nature of being harmful or evilmaleficence - the quality or nature of being harmful or evil
evilness, evil - the quality of being morally wrong in principle or practice; "attempts to explain the origin of evil in the world"
beneficence - the quality of being kind or helpful or generous
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Even when thou art gentle towards them, they still feel themselves despised by thee; and they repay thy beneficence with secret maleficence.
The China rebuff hurt deep given the hype that made SGR loan the only reason the President and his cohort Raila Odinga had gone to China.Then, Kenyans legitimately questioned the maleficence audacity in Cabinet Secretary James Macharia's Transport behemoth ministry shuttling the President to Beijing for a phantom initialling of a non-existent loan facility.
Moreover, as the number of users who utilize these services increases, it becomes more difficult for users or a third party to grasp what sort of people the other parties are, increasing the possibility of maleficence. This necessitates a system whereby users can evaluate for themselves the truthfulness of the identity of the other parties in the transaction.
Mrs White added the group has now sent an official election maleficence form to the Chief Constable of West Midlands Police asking him to investigate their complaints.
The IGP while directing DIGs and SPs made it clear that no laxity will be tolerated regarding corruption or maleficence. He said the process of accountability should be ruthless against the corrupt elements.
"The corruption and maleficence in Rafale deal is out in open.
While some tweets blamed women for abortion and SYA, others blamed providers and equated abortion care to medical maleficence. These tweets cast abortion clinics as dangerous, abortion care as illegitimate, and abortion providers as butchers.
According to Osinbajo, although all forms of corruption are bad, Nigeria got to a situation whereby senior government officials moved from mere procurement maleficence to outright stealing of public funds into private pockets.
"When the patient's wellness and well-being are made to depend on doctors or dentists, every reasonable step should be taken in order to stave off any maleficence and administer only beneficence," Castelo said.