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Noun1.Maleo - Celebes megapode that lays eggs in holes in sandy beachesmaleo - Celebes megapode that lays eggs in holes in sandy beaches
megapode, mound bird, mound-bird, scrub fowl, mound builder - large-footed short-winged birds of Australasia; build mounds of decaying vegetation to incubate eggs
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'They were less than 12 nautical miles from the border of the Philippines and Malaysia when they were picked up by the LNG Maleo. They were adrift for several days,' the PCG official said.
But the deal - codenamed Project Maleo - collapsed when the Suharto regime, responsible for thousands of killings, torture and other breaches of human rights over a 30-year period, fell in May 1998.
Santos in early October 2006 began gas production from Maleo in the offshore Madura PSC, 140 km east of the eastern Java city of Surabaya.
Four Indonesian freight carriers - Cardig Air, Republic Express, Asia Link and Air Maleo - have been taken off the list along with Ukraine's UMAir.
Four all-cargo air carriers from Indonesia, Cardig Air, Republic Express, Asia Link and Air Maleo and one air carrier from Ukraine have been removed from the list as safety concerns have been satisfactorily addressed, noted the Commission in a statement.
Air Maleo, Fokker Indonesian cargo start-up Air Maleo aims to start flying next month, using two Fokker F27 freighters.
In the summer of 1270/1853-4 he departed his native city for farther education in the Balak region together with his friend HEojE MalEo AbdullEoh JalEzEoda (1250/1835-1363/1908).
The bird in question is the maleo, a chicken-sized bird that lays its eggs in sand heated by either the sun or volcanism that occurs in its habitat on the island of Sulawesi.
One of the existing MOPUs is in operation at Santos Australia's Maleo Development, offshore Indonesia, while the other two are in operation in Malaysian waters for Murphy Oil and for Petrofac on its Cendor Development.