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Misconduct or wrongdoing, especially by a public official.

[Anglo-Norman malfaisance, from Old French malfaisant, malfeasant, present participle of malfaire, to do evil, from Latin malefacere; see malefactor.]

mal·fea′sant adj. & n.
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Noun1.malfeasant - one guilty of malfeasancemalfeasant - one guilty of malfeasance    
offender, wrongdoer - a person who transgresses moral or civil law
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However, Masood's role in the Zainab murder case has been malfeasant for two reasons.
There can be no doubt anymore to anyone in the Gulf or across the region that the regime in Iran, its Revolutionary Guards, and the terrorist network that it supports, pose a clear and present danger to all, and that the leadership there is acting in a malfeasant and malevolent manner.
The interpersonal rivalries and the potential for deceit and malfeasant litigation which exists only in highly integrated complex societies thus become reified in a consciousness of witchcraft--human ill-will given substance and force--as a potential etiology of any and all misfortune.
Media outrage seems directed toward a ghostly assumption that the commission's demise is somehow, someway an endorsement of what the press have come to believe is an incompetent and malfeasant profession of forensic science that pervasively dooms innocent defendants to prison--or worse.
The Canadian government pursues malfeasant civil servants and subjects them to prosecution.
Traditional and innovative new approaches to nonproliferation and counterproliferation are important policy elements to reduce the risk of malfeasant application of technology.
Perhaps the most obvious approach would be to shift the "sanction" that functions to preserve the meaningfulness of the statute of limitations from the client to the malfeasant lawyer.
Media-induced electoral liability can moderate detrimental option problems by diminishing the likelihood that the parties of malfeasant mayors are reelected.
A weak afghan government is incapable of keeping such malfeasant influences out.
Ayatollahs have also passed their time providing support for malfeasant groups in the region.
This provides an incentive for a level of oversight; in contrast, state boards are not liable if they fail to sanction a malfeasant physician.
It is also unlikely to isolate the type of malfeasant shirking behavior that concerns variants of the models where the employee effort decision entails disciplinary risk.