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intr.v. mal·func·tioned, mal·func·tion·ing, mal·func·tions
To fail to function properly.
A failure to function properly.
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Adj.1.malfunctioning - not performing or able to perform its regular functionmalfunctioning - not performing or able to perform its regular function; "a malfunctioning valve"
functioning - performing or able to perform its regular function; "a functioning flashlight"
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gov/feature/jpl/dawn-observing-ceres-3rd-reaction-wheel-malfunctions) NASA says the malfunctioning wheel won't significantly impact the rest of Dawn's extended mission.
The board of election inspectors (BEIs) collected Cortesta's ballot and combined it with other ballots that were rejected due to a malfunctioning VCM in a precinct at Pinyahan Elementary School in Quezon City.
The malfunctioning air cooler is new: it was installed in the refinery's maintenance turnaround that ended in June.
KUWAIT, March 22 (KUNA) - There was an electrical malfunctioning at the southern Shuaiba power plant causing disruption in the flow of electric power feeding most of the units at the Mina al-Ahmadi refinery, resulting therefore in its shutdown, said an official at Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC), in remarks to KUNA today.
1) In this publication, we present experience from a single centre with 21 laparoscopic cases for management of malfunctioning PD catheters.
The answer is "not very likely" but about the same probability of the system malfunctioning right after QC.
Patients should be advised to check their devices for function even after turning them off, and to contact their health care providers if they suspect malfunctioning of their devices.
The following discussion proposes definitions for the terms "septic-system malfunction rate" and "percentage of septic systems in malfunctioning status.
The annual rate of malfunctioning devices ranged from 1.
The malfunctioning equipment is called a localizer and it acts as a beacon to guide arriving aircraft onto runways.
The operator said 85,000 of the Simpure N and 45,000 of the Simpure L have been sold and advised that 115 incidents of malfunctioning have been reported following use in 23 countries - including England, France and the US.
Steady illuminated lamp indicates a malfunctioning anti-lock brake system.