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(Elements & Compounds) of or relating to malic acid or anything derived from it


(ˈmæl ɪk, ˈmeɪ lɪk)

of or derived from malic acid.
[1790–1800; < French malique < Latin māl(um) apple + French -ique -ic]
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Electronic auction: supply of medicinal product for medical use (inn: sodium chloride + potassium chloride + calcium chloride dihydrate + magnesium chloride hexahydrate + sodium acetate trihydrate + malic acid)
However, the teller at the Timog Avenue money changer, Abdul Malic, recognized Simion as the same foreigner who had exchanged counterfeit euros the first time he entered the shop.
Exhibiting artists include Lindsey Lee Miska, Ernie Schweit, Marie Hines, Roni Malic, Charlene Riffer, Maureen Rivkin, Debbie Kalinowski, Heather June Toeser, Wendy Petera, Phil Schorn and Edie Wendricks.
Acid standards for citric acid, oxalic acid, malic acid and tartaric acids were attained from Sigma-Aldrich Co.
Malic needs patient owners to help boost his confidence.
The amount of sugars and malic acid in each variety determines the balance of sweetness and tartness in the fruit.
Apples: Apples contain skin-friendly nutrients and are the richest source of malic acid.
She said she is a handson mum - inspired by the loving childhood she and sister Tamara, 33, enjoyed with now-divorced parents Ecclestone, 86, and former model Slavica Malic, 59.
She met with those who had suffered life-changing injuries as a result of anti-personnel mines, she listened to their stories, and helped share them with the world,"&nbsp;Harry said, describing an encounter Diana had with two young boys named Malic and Zarko.
In certain regions, winegrowing practices and increased grape maturity result in the gradual reduction of malic acid concentration in the must.
Egg white facial: You'll need 2 tablespoons of apple juice or apple cider vinegar (both of which contain malic acid, a gentle exfoliator), 2 tablespoons of milk (soured milk contains more beneficial lactic acid), and 1 egg white.
Malic acid--a natural fruit acid present in most cells in the body--is a vital component of enzymes that play a key role in ATP synthesis and energy production.