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n. pl. ma·li·hi·nis Hawaii
A newcomer to Hawaii.

[Hawaiian, stranger; akin to Tahitian manihini, visitor, guest, and Maori manuhiri, all perhaps ultimately from Proto-Polynesian *manu, bird (figuratively applied to humans).]


n, pl -nis
(in Hawaii) a foreigner or stranger
[from Hawaiian]


(ˌmɑ liˈhi ni)

n., pl. -hi•nis.
Hawaiian. a newcomer to Hawaii.
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Ponte and Higgins present a professional development model that is a result of the Malihini (newcomer) Project, which addressed the needs of in-service teachers and staff working with English language learner students in Hawaiian schools.
MANOA, Hawaii - The Oregon State softball team dropped a pair of games on the final day of the Malihini Kipa Aloha Tournament at the University of Hawaii.
Its linguistic counterpart is "malihini," a foreigner or newcomer, a guest, or a "tenderfoot." Today, kama'aina is a Hawai'ian term valued by businesses as an easy way to advertise local-ness, familiarity and belonging.
What was there beyond the usual offense, not merely being a malihini mainland haole girl?
There are aliens among the algae, too - or limu malihini. Newsletter of the Hawaiian Botanic Society 26:60-63.
The responses of local people to the black malihini (newcomers) were complex and somewhat unpredictable.
MANOA, Hawaii - Kelly Dyer, a junior out of Churchill High School, pitched a two-hit complete game to lead Oregon State to a 3-0 softball victory over Santa Clara at the Malihini Kipa Aloha Tournament on Saturday.
Tourism Hawaii by Hawaii State Senate, '87, after sending Pleasant's two-millionth visitor to the Islands; Father of the Year by West Coast Father's Day Council, '89; Pacific Newsmaker of the Year by Travel People Magazine, '89; Man of the Year by Travel Agent Magazine, '90; Malihini (newcomer, visitor) Day by Hawaii Governor after Pleasant's three-millionth visitor sent to the Islands, '91; U.S.
Malihini is Hawaiian for newcomer--an appropriate label for many ingredients and flavors that have become important in Island cuisine.
25 Mississippi State on Friday at the Malihini Kipa Aloha Tournament at the University of Hawaii.
MANOA, Hawaii - Oregon State split a pair of softball games at the Pepsi Malihini Kipa Aloha Tournament on Thursday, defeating Mount Saint Mary's 4-1 before falling 2-1 to Florida Gulf Coast.
In hindsight she chalks a portion of these difficulties up to her youth and to her malihini status.