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n. pl. ma·li·hi·nis Hawaii
A newcomer to Hawaii.

[Hawaiian, stranger; akin to Tahitian manihini, visitor, guest, and Maori manuhiri, all perhaps ultimately from Proto-Polynesian *manu, bird (figuratively applied to humans).]


n, pl -nis
(in Hawaii) a foreigner or stranger
[from Hawaiian]


(ˌmɑ liˈhi ni)

n., pl. -hi•nis.
Hawaiian. a newcomer to Hawaii.
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Yet one cannot help but wonder whether all of that is inexorably changing, what with the legal challenge to Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop's legacy of educating Native Hawaiian students at Kamehameha School, the rising costs of real estate that make it increasingly difficult for locals to acquire homes, and the polls that show a growing polarization between the kama'ainas and malihinis on critical spending issues such as mass transit and education.
Coupled with the legendary Hula's Bar and Lei Stand, whose double entendre never fails to pulverize malihinis (that's "newcomers"), this square block in the middle of Waikiki has served as a mid-Pacific mecca for years.
This colorful shrimp poke, a synthesis of the best of several sampled, has the proper Polynesian persona, but its ingredients are available to off-Islanders - malihinis. For traditional poke, try the version on page 125.