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1. also ma·lines (-lēn′) A thin, stiff net woven in a hexagonal pattern and used in dressmaking.
2. often Malines See Mechlin.

[French, after Malines (Mechlin), Belgium.]
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If these bits of pasteboard had been beautiful pictures, or had had a hundred yards of Malines lace rolled round them, worth twice the number of guineas, Becky could not have regarded them with more pleasure.
When visitors trickled in after she was blessed with Sinak Maline, Auma felt that they just wanted to see the cleft lip on the baby's mouth.
Playing with just four players, Tagaytay still delivered behind Alexi Blanco and Grace Jung, who fired identical 31 Stableford points, and Misha Jang and Maline Flores, who backed them up with 30 and 27 points, respectively.
<larry_angie@chickenscratch> <> Coronation Sussex, Light Sussex, Lavender Orpington, Chocolate Orpington, Jubilee Orpington, Black Orpington, Black Copper Marans, Blue Copper Marans, Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, Crested Cream Legbar, Welsummers, Blue Ameraucana, Black Ameraucana, Rumpless Araucana, Olive Egger, Ayam Cemani, Maline.
Founded by sisters Maline Apelo-Flores and Alma Apelo-Manahan, it began as a home-based cake business, 'Chocolate Kiss Home-baked Delights' and evolved into a restaurant in 1997 with its first branch in the second floor of Ang Bahay ng Alumni in UP Diliman.
This erroneous practice will ultimately maline the whole cotton sector on international level.
Tunnel Tunnel Begin ** Project (MSD Project No.) Length Diameter Construction Maline Creek CSO Storage 3,000 ft.
I counted 18 canisters of CS gas being fired among protesters who fled the Maline Creek stronghold close to Canfield Drive where Michael, 18, was killed.
Correspondence: Kathy Maline,, 402-598-4515
Olson elaborates the role of rent-seeking activities (defined as nonproductive activities pursued by economic agents in the effort to obtain above-average profits, aka economic rents, for themselves) by numerous coalitions of people--activities that inevitably bring maline democratic nations into decline--in The Rise and Decline of Nations, in which he focuses on the predatory efforts of special interest groups or "distributional coalitions."
Results of heavy mineral analyses Normalized Percentages of Non-opaque Minerals grain size % heavy horn- (mm) minerals blende diopside MPH 0.25-0.30 8.5 26.1 61.6 RSB 0.212-0.30 0.35 0.3 SQB 0.25-0.30 0.07 1.6 CF (a) 0.063-0.125 3 Normalized Percentages of Non-opaque Minerals alumino- biotite garnet epidote silicate MPH 3.3 6.9 RSB 24.2 24.3 47.1 0.7 SQB 0.3 3.4 13.5 4.7 CF (a) 2 7 10 14 Normalized Percentages of Non-opaque Minerals staurolite apatite zircon MPH RSB 0.3 0.1 SQB 10.7 9.7 1.3 CF (a) 22 28 Normalized Percentages of Non-opaque Minerals tour- maline rutile other MPH 2.1 RSB 0.6 0.7 1.7 SQB 3.4 48.3 3.1 CF (a) 10 3 1 (a) average of Chadron Formation samples of Denson et al.