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 (mə-lēnz′, mä-lēn′)


(məˈliːn) or


1. (Textiles) a type of silk net used in dressmaking
2. (Textiles) another name for Mechlin lace
[C19: from French Malines (Mechelen), where this lace was traditionally made]


(Placename) the French name for Mechelen




Also, ma•line′.

a delicate net resembling tulle.
[1840–50; after Malines]



French name of Mechlin.
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If these bits of pasteboard had been beautiful pictures, or had had a hundred yards of Malines lace rolled round them, worth twice the number of guineas, Becky could not have regarded them with more pleasure.
Ultra-rare imported breeds: Ayam Cemani, Cream Legbar, Swedish Flower Hens, Bielefelder, Marans, Isbar, Barbezieux, Bresse, Sulmtaler, Spitzhauben, Olandsk Dwarf, Orust, Barnevelder, Merlerault, Niederrheiner, Marsh Daisy, Altsteirer, East Frisian Gull, Lyonaisse, Malines, Pavlovskaya, Queen Silvia, Swedish Black Hen, Sussex, Twentse, Lavender Wyandotte, Yamato Gunkei.
3) "In order to unite with one another"--wrote Cardinal Mercier, archbishop of Malines from 1906 to 1926, in his "testament"--"we must love one another, in order to love one another, we must recognize one another, in order to recognize one another, we must go and meet one another.
A comparison of mineralization histories for two MVT deposits, Treves and Les Malines (Causses basin, France), based on the geochemistry of associated organic matter.
As God would have it, John XXIII and Beauduin were reunited in Paris in 1944 when John XXIII was appointed "apostolic nuncio to France, where Beauduin was on an extended banishment for being too ecumenical in his attitude towards Anglicans in precursory dialogues held in Belgium," (the Malines Conversations [1921-27]).
5-Utopie des Malines : Totalisant autant d'echecs que d'essais, cette trotteuse, qui n'est plus que l'ombre d'elle-meme, va encore une fois etre confrontee a une rude tache, si l'on se refere a ses decevantes dernieres sorties.
When Aguinaldo left 'the Pueblo,' local officials agreed unanimously through the leadership of Emilio Malines to name the place as San Emilio in honor to him.
Dishes will include hand peeled shrimp with white asparagus from Malines, Jura wine emulsion, morels, comte cheese and chervil, as well as Sole 'from our Coast' with oyster, verbena, yuzu mouseline and soya beans.
The former hotelier and author, who was 23 at the time, said: "I was in Malines when the car drew up.
Ma egli alzava la voce fremente nell'atroce litania: "E Malines, e Fleron, e Notre Dame, e Rosbeck, e Muysen--"