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Noun1.malinois - fawn-colored short-haired sheepdogmalinois - fawn-colored short-haired sheepdog  
Belgian sheepdog, Belgian shepherd - hardy working dog developed in Belgium for herding sheep
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The 3-year-old German shepherd-Belgian Malinois mix, who is trained to detect more than 250 permutations of explosives, including gun powder, will be stationed at the DuPage County Courthouse with Deputy Frank Carragher.
"If she was a German Shepherd, Malinois, or one of the other violent breeds they wouldn't take her.""I hope you can find her, and I hope after this experience you'll be more careful," he continued.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 19 (ANI): Khoj, a dog of Belgian Malinois breed, is all set to help the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) deployed in Delhi Metro in ensuring safety of passengers.
The anti-drug agency said it has retired 18 dogs consisting of 14 Belgian Malinois, two Jack Russell Terriers, one German Shepherd, and a Labrador.
The agency retired 18 NDDs consisting of 14 Belgian malinois, two jack russell terriers, one German shepherd, and one labrador.
The airport police department at Georgia's Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport introduced its newest canine officer, a 10-week-old Belgian Malinois named Arger.
PDEA already posted the profile of the nine dogs up for adoption, which include one Germanshepherd anda Belgian malinois, aged five to 10 years old.
We collected 103 serum samples during June-October 2016 from the following dog breeds: 42 Belgian Malinois, 58 German shepherds, and 3 Labrador retrievers.
The alert was raised at 1.50pm, and a mountain rescue team arrived less than 30 minutes later by helicopter with Belgian Malinois shepherd dogs.
Ivy, a five-year-old Belgian Malinois, and another dog had been left in a 'climate-controlled pod' in the back of the West Mercia Police car on July 5.
The unit has other breeds like the Labrador and Malinois.