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n. pl. mal·le·o·li (-lī′)
Either of the two rounded protuberances on each side of the ankle, the inner formed by a projection of the tibia and the outer by a projection of the fibula.

[New Latin, from Latin, diminutive of malleus, hammer; see melə- in Indo-European roots.]

mal·le′o·lar (-ə-lər) adj.
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This connection is made by the discomalleolar and the anterior malleolar ligaments that attach to the malleus of the ossicular chain in its anterior process and create a biomechanical connection between the middle ear and the mandibule.
Comparative study of functional bracing and plaster cast treatment of stable lateral malleolar fractures.
The Bledsoe boot is a fixed-ankle, removable cast that can be used for tendonitis, fibular shaft fractures, nondisplaced lateral malleolar fractures, and metatarsal shaft fractures.
Usually he wears MAFOs (malleolar ankle foot orthoses), which give him much-needed stability.
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INTRODUCTION: Malleolar fractures are one of the most common lower extremity fractures in orthopaedic traumatology.
If a medial malleolar fracture was present, anesthesiologists were given the option of providing a saphenous block as well.
In two studies, swelling was considered to be a sine qua non of fracture.[7,8] One study found that a bimalleolar ratio of less than 1.065 effectively ruled out fracture.[9] In another study, however, 11% of malleolar fractures manifested no swelling.[1] In a third study, the probability of a fracture was higher in the group of patients without swelling than in the total study population.[2] Only four of these studies were limited to inversion ankle injuries.[1,3,7,11]
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* Anteromedial: This approach may be extended from a limited capsulotomy to a wide exposure with malleolar osteotomy.
The second is replacement of the superior articulation with hemiarthroplasties of the medial and lateral malleolar articular surfaces.