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(ˈmɔ lɪŋ)
1. the overbuilding of shopping malls in a region: the malling of America.
2. the practice of frequenting malls to socialize or shop.
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The notable development and growth of this province gives us more reasons to keep on expanding in Bulacan while continuously providing utmost malling experience and convenience to more Bulacenos,' SM Prime president Jeffrey C.
Sarah said she complained to Malling School in Kent, adding: "They said they were going to speak to the other parents.
David Charman, of a small business in West Malling, Kent, said: "In the past the fuel drove the shop, but now the shop is driving the fuel.
The portfolio comprises four retail sites in Colchester, Guildford, Portsmouth and Winnersh, three industrial properties in Chepstow, Redditch and Warrington, and two offices in Edinburgh and West Malling.
Dave said: "My success was partly due to one of the local lads who had just come off the lake and tipped me off that there were lots of fish moving at the Malling Shore drift.
B) Raspberry Malling Jewel - Mid season fruit, July/August.
For fruiting from July to August, try Malling Pandora, although it needs cross-pollinating.
com)-- It's been an incredible year for the West Malling Local Shops website.
A third defendant, businessman Anthony Pallant, 53, of West Malling, Kent, was also cleared of raping the girl during the same period with the assistance of Davies.
Kenneth Branagh, Soren Malling and Ingeborga Dapkunaite star in a tale written in the early 1990s.
J SMART, West Malling, Kent The Evening Chronicle reserves the right to edit readers' letters
The project at East Malling Research, which is funded by Defra, aims to create fruit that requires less water and fewer chemicals.