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Verb1.malnourish - provide with insufficient quality or quantity of nourishmentmalnourish - provide with insufficient quality or quantity of nourishment; "The stunted growth of these children shows that they are undernourished"
feed, give - give food to; "Feed the starving children in India"; "don't give the child this tough meat"
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The control group weighed 332.17 [+ or -] 55.87g, as the malnourish group weighed 200.36 [+ or -] 28.92g by the end of the experiment.
"Plumy nut is an unmixed food, but mainly a multi treatment [administered] to children facing malnourish. We want to tell our people that we are not giving out food but we are giving out treatment to such children.
Table no 5 reveals that among 288 malnourished children, majority of the children belonged to the SES class-IV 134 (46.53%) followed by class-III 91 (31.60%) and least belong to class-I 10 (3.47%) respectively, which was statistically highly significant (P<0.001).
Many critically malnourished babies and children have been put on intravenous drips in the clinic and 21 have been taken to hospital to be treated for gunshot wounds and fractured limbs, said a camp official.
At two of the hospitals, malnourished and those at-risk patients will quickly receive nutritional treatment (an oral nutrition supplement) 24 to 48 hours sooner than standard practice.
In malnourished animals, as a consequence of previously reported changes in several neurotransmission systems (Almeida et al., 1996a), it has been described alterations in risk-assessment behaviors (Almeida et al., 1991), reactivity to aversive stimuli (Almeida & DeOliveira, 1994; Rocinholi, Almeida, & De-Oliveira, 1997), as well as in learning and memory (Hemb, Cammarota, & Nunes, 2010; Fukuda et al., 2007; Valadares et al., 2010; Wolf et al., 1986; Zhang et al., 2010).
It is a question being asked about children across India, where a long economic boom has done little to reduce the vast number of children who are malnourished and stunted, leaving them with mental and physical deficits that will haunt them their entire lives.
The district, according to the state government's own admission, has over 73,000 malnourished children.
SANA'A/BRUSSELS, July 10 (Saba) - The European Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO) will provide assistance over the next year to 70,000 severely malnourished children in Yemen under the age of five.
"If we cannot get more funds and better access to reach malnourished children in South Sudan, tens of thousands of under-fives will die."
Research has shown that 93% of malnourished older people are living in the community, Age UK said.
The WHO also gives guidance on how to treat them for HIV and, if necessary make recommendations on how to treat severely malnourished infants under six months.