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Having a bad odor; foul.

mal·o′dor·ous·ly adv.
mal·o′dor·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.malodorousness - the attribute of having a strong offensive smellmalodorousness - the attribute of having a strong offensive smell
aroma, odor, olfactory property, odour, smell, scent - any property detected by the olfactory system
B.O., body odor, body odour - malodorousness resulting from a failure to bathe
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The official informed that Sanitation Directorate to take effective steps for cleanliness of nullahs in well planned manner as the sewerage lines are causing malodorousness whereas throwing of plastic bags and other solid waste result in blockage of smooth flow of nullah water.
Leprous lesions were labeled stains, blemishes, or spots, and manifested qualities of rotting, foulness, or malodorousness.
6) Likewise, as the narrator confirms, London's brilliant surface cannot "cover up this malodorousness, the swamp that lies beneath the pleasure gardens, and the miasma percolating up through the run-down ornamental terraces" (2003: 62).