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 (măl′ə-nāt′, -nĭt)
1. A salt or ester of malonic acid.
2. The dianion with chemical formula CH2(COO)22- that results from removal of the two carboxylic hydrogen ions from malonic acid. In this sense, also called malonate ion.

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(Chemistry) chem the salt of malonic acid
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As observed by researchers, organic acids such as malonate, oxalate yield from the white rot fungi during the early growth age, and later ligninolytic enzymes decomposed them thus, acidic pH is favored for effective decolourization of synthetic dyes wastewater [26].
stabilis Reaction Result result resuit ([dagger]) Saccharose, sucroset - 4 - P-galactosidaset - 4 - Maltose acidification + 3 + Adonitol acidification - 4 + Ornithine decarboxylase - 4 + Lysine decarboxylase - 4 + D-mannitol - 4 + D-glucose + 4 + D-cellobiose + 4 + Malonate - 4 + D-sorbitol - 4 + Urease - 4 + or - * Performed using VITEK 2.
Flavonoids are synthesized in plants from phenylalanine, tyrosine and malonate by phenylpropanoid pathway (6, 7).
Antioxidant properties of Krebs cycle intermediates against malonate pro-oxidant activity in vitro: A comparative study using the colorimetric method and HPLC analysis to determine malondialdehyde in rat brain homogenates.
Other promising applications for malonate technology are said to be supported by the company's intellectual property portfolio and ongoing develoment work with formulation partners.
Regarding biochemical identification, Salmonella is catalase and methyl red positive, and indole, vogues proskauer, malonate and urea negative.
The buffers used in this study were tartarate buffer, pH 3.0; sodium malonate buffer, pH 4.0; citrate phosphate, pH 5.0, pH 6.0; sodium phosphate, pH 7.0, pH 8.0, carbonate buffer, pH 9.0 and pH 10.0.
This agreement allows BASF to develop a new class of high-performance automotive coatings based on Sirrus's proprietary methylene malonate technology, Sirrus announced recently.
The agreement allows BASF to further develop a new class of high performance automotive coatings based on Sirrus's proprietary methylene malonate technology.
The team identified two more primitive processes or non-biological cycles-called the HKG cycle and the malonate cycle- that could have come together to start life.