malonic acid

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ma·lo·nic acid

 (mə-lō′nĭk, -lŏn′ĭk)
A white crystalline dicarboxylic acid, C3H4O4, that is a strong irritant and is used in making barbiturates.

[French (acide) malonique, alteration of malique, malic (acid); see malic acid.]
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malonic acid

(məˈləʊnɪk; -ˈlɒn-)
(Elements & Compounds) another name for propanedioic acid
[C19: from French malonique, altered form of malique; see malic acid]
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ma•lo′nic ac′id

(məˈloʊ nɪk, -ˈlɒn ɪk)
a white, crystalline, water-soluble, dibasic acid, C3H4O4, used chiefly in the synthesis of barbiturates.
[< French (acide) malonique (1858), alter. of malique malic]
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The low-molecular-weight organic acids (Analytical reagent), acetic acid, malic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, malonic acid, oxalic acid and succinic acid were selected to form ternary complexes.
Phenolic compounds were biosynthesized with shikimic and malonic acid pathways and responsible for the carbohydrates precursors into amino acid (Ghasemzadeh et al., 2010).
showed that the level of vitamin B12 may be in the normal range even in patients without vitamin B12 supplementation,[6] and such patients' symptoms may be associated with functional vitamin B12 deficiency.[9] More sensitive indicators such as homocysteine and methyl malonic acid can be further measured.[10] One of the important reasons we report this case is that inhaling a high dose of nitrous oxide, such as up to 1000 branches/day (8 g/branch) in a short time is rare in previous literature, which allows us to learn more about this kind of patient and take appropriate therapeutic measures.
[11] reported that oxidation of low rank coals with large amounts yields small molecule fatty acids, such as malonic acid, glycolic acid, formic acid, acetic acid, and oxalic acid.
Two basic routes are widely recognized in the biosynthesis of phenolic compounds: first, the shikimic acid pathway and second, the malonic acid pathway.
Here, malonic acid, malic acid, and citric acid were employed to prepare Sn[O.sub.2] powder at 500[degrees]C and 600[degrees]C.
Furthermore, another study revealed that, after ripening of kimchi for 8 weeks at 5[degrees]C, the lactic acid which was low during the early storage exhibited a marked increase from day 13 of storage, whereas malic acid exhibited a decrease and the succinic acid, oxalic acid, and malonic acid contents did not change [30].
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