malonic acid

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ma·lo·nic acid

 (mə-lō′nĭk, -lŏn′ĭk)
A white crystalline dicarboxylic acid, C3H4O4, that is a strong irritant and is used in making barbiturates.

[French (acide) malonique, alteration of malique, malic (acid); see malic acid.]

malonic acid

(məˈləʊnɪk; -ˈlɒn-)
(Elements & Compounds) another name for propanedioic acid
[C19: from French malonique, altered form of malique; see malic acid]

ma•lo′nic ac′id

(məˈloʊ nɪk, -ˈlɒn ɪk)
a white, crystalline, water-soluble, dibasic acid, C3H4O4, used chiefly in the synthesis of barbiturates.
[< French (acide) malonique (1858), alter. of malique malic]
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Excessive methylmalonic acid will prevent normal fatty acid synthesis, or it will be incorporated into fatty acid itself rather than normal malonic acid.
The softening of citrus fruit could be due to water loss after harvest, aging of the fruit and increased levels of malonic acid (Monselise, 1977).
The urine organic acid examination showed that the excretions of isovaleryl glycine and methyl malonic acid were significantly increased: 1299 mmol/mol creatinine (normal: 0 mmol/mol creatinine) and 42.
2006) found that the ability of different organic acids to mobilise Al followed the order: citric acid>oxalic acid > malonic acid > malic acid > tartaric acid > salicylic acid>lactic acid>maleic acid.
We used tetrabutylammonium hydroxide (Aldrich), malonic acid (Fisher), methanol (Fisher), and ammonium bicarbonate (Sigma) for preparation of the mobile-phase solutions, which were filtered through a 0.
The general approach will be as follows: 1) preparation of the prochiral intermediates of malonic acid by using tert-Butylchloromethylsulfide 2) Using esterase to perform a desymmetrization of the prochiral intermediates 3) Analysis of the resulting chiral half ester intermediates 4)Formation of different amino acids from that half ester by using different common organic synthetic pathway.