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Noun1.malope - western Mediterranean annual having deep purple-red flowers subtended by 3 large cordate bractsmalope - western Mediterranean annual having deep purple-red flowers subtended by 3 large cordate bracts
mallow - any of various plants of the family Malvaceae
genus Malope - small genus of chiefly European herbs
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It felt like a re-birth or they were being launched by Kgosi Malope to conquer the world outside.
Also expected to grace the event is Kgosi Malope II of Bangwaketse.
Kgosi Malope said he was currently in talks with the teams with a view to sell them his vision.
Superintendent Malope appreciated that residents had been complaining about low conviction rates and sentences, but stated that the government has listened to their plea and agreed to revise the sentences.
Giving a presentation on the evaluation of the National Intervention against Alcohol Abuse, BIDPA's Professor Patrick Malope recommended that the policy be reviewed so that it was in alignment with the Ministry of Health and Wellness where it has since been transferred.
Minister of Agricultural Development and Food Security has applauded Bangwaketse for coming in droves to celebrate dikgafela recently, just two years after Kgosi Malope brought the annual cultural spectacle back to life.
Mr Malope said the expo had been a success story since they managed to secure CEDA as their main sponsor for the past two years, saying they also managed to secure a youthful target market that had keen interest in business.
Still on the same day, President Masisi visited the Kanye main kgotla where Kgosi Malope II, tribal leaders and Tribal Administration staff welcomed him.
Giving a vote of thanks, the house's deputy chairperson Kgosi Malope II said the workshop would empower them to effectively deliberate on the soon to be tabled Bogosi and Stock Theft bills.
The annual Kgosi Malope Challenge, scheduled for February 24, is expected to attract more than 200 cyclists from across southern Africa.
Kgosi Malope said this at the fourth edition of the annual Kgosi Malope II Cycle challenge road race, which was organised by Tsosamotse, Bangwaketse Tribal Administration and Cycle for Life Club on Sunday.
Malope, one of the beneficiary of the robbery proceeds, allegedly took part in the commissioning of the offence where he was given an undisclosed amount of money that he placed in a bucket at his home while some of the money was placed in a pit latrine at his grandmother's home in Gabane.