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Plural of loti.


(məˈləʊtɪ; -ˈluːtɪ)
(Currencies) the plural of loti


(ˈloʊ ti)

n., pl. ma•lo•ti (mɑˈloʊ ti)
the basic monetary unit of Lesotho.
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Two ski resorts have been established on the Maloti mountain slopes and are a popular diversion in the cold months of June, July and August for southern Africans starved of winter sports.
The majestic blue mountains of the Maloti (meaning the range) run from northeast to southwest of the country.
It comes from the Independent Kingdom of Lesotho, formerly Basutoland, and is a 15 maloti value in a handsome set which pays tribute to some of the world's top cars , including Lotus, Ferrari, MG, Morgan, Jaguar XK120 and Triumph 2000.