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n. malarotación, rotación anormal o defectuosa de un órgano o parte.
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On the second day of life, a contrast enema was performed, demonstrating a microcolon with the cecum and appendix located in the left upper quadrant, confirming malrotation (Figure 2).
The authors' interpretation of their data led them to conclude value in limiting use of a stent for children with unfavourable intra-operative findings (such as subjective appearance of the pelvis or ureter, malrotation, solitary kidney, presence of fibrosis).
Bile-stained vomiting can be associated with surgical conditions, such as intestinal malrotation and Hirschprung's disease.
Once the molar tooth sign is identified, the brain MRI scan should be reviewed for other associated abnormalities including abnormal configuration and malrotation of the hippocampi, callosal dysgenesis, malformations of cortical development and cephaloceles, which have been described in a sizeable number of patients with JSRDs.
Examples of structural findings include tetralogy of Fallot, malrotation of intestine, and horseshoe kidney.
As in this case of congenital malformation, rhinoplasty in ethnic populations often warrants a graft versatile enough to correct dorsal deficiency, under-projection, malrotation, and cartilage deficiency.
Agenesis is most common, but malrotation, horseshoe kidney, or ectopic kidney may be present (Moore, 1975).
In the formation of hepatodiaphragmatic interposition, hepatic factors including ptotic or small liver, abnormal falciform ligament or absence of the falciform ligament, diaphragmatic factors including degeneration of the diaphragmatic muscles, phrenic nerv palsy and increase in intrathoracal pressure as a result of tuberculosis or emphysema, colonic factors including abnormal extension of the colon, abnormal suspensory ligament or absence of the suspensory ligament, congenital malposition or malrotation of the colon are accused (8,9).
If, in my judgment, the pelvis was adequate but dystocia was occurring because of malrotation, deflexion, or inadequate maternal pushing effort, then that was the time to intervene with forceps, as long as the vertex had reached at least +1 station.
bowel (atresia, volvulus, malrotation, enteric duplication, meconium cyst, mesenteric cyst)