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n. malarotación, rotación anormal o defectuosa de un órgano o parte.
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Deborah Reid was told Freddie had a 50% chance of surviving surgery for malrotation of the bowel.
His son, Mon 'Gabe' Gabriel, was born prematurely on April 17 and had been in and out of the hospital at least four times because of an abnormality called intestinal malrotation, which happens when a baby's intestines don't form into a coil in the abdomen.
Simmermacher et al (1999), in a clinical multicentre study reported technical failures of the PFN after poor reduction, malrotation or wrong choice of screws in 5% of the cases.
The birth examination revealed a giant omphalocele, with an externalized liver as well as partial digestive malrotation.
Abnormalities found exclusive to experimental groups are as follows: Craniostenosis, short snout, anophthalmia, microphthalmia, exophthalmia, palpabral coloboma, kyphosis, lordosis, spina bifida, prognathia, scoliosis, limb malrotation and deformation, clinodactyly, ectrodactyly, apodia, ankylodactyly, fused digits, flexed paw and hooked tail, at 44g/g B.
The most common radiological manifestations of PS include polysplenia multiple nodular spleens in the course of the greater curvature of the stomach in the left upper quadrant, left-sided IVC, midline liver, preduodenal portal vein, short pancreas, malrotation of the intestines, and dextrocardia (1, 2, 7).
Limb anomalies found were amelia, micromelia, malrotation of limbs, low set arm, hyper flexion and drooping wrist.
Intestinal obstruction due to congenital intestinal malrotation is usually diagnosed in neonates but may, in rare cases, occur during pregnancy.
Patients who suffered from intestinal malformation (congenital megacolon, intestinal atresia, malrotation of intestines, etc.
Midgut malrotation (MMR) is a congenital disorder where partial or complete failure of the foetal midgut to rotate around the axis of the superior mesenteric artery (SMA) occurs.
Symptomatic intestinal malrotation is a surgically curable cause of abdominal pain and can be identified on HBS, if a reader makes checking for duodenal activity going across the midline a habit.