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1. Grain, usually barley, that has been allowed to sprout, used chiefly in brewing and distilling.
2. An alcoholic beverage, such as beer or ale, brewed from malt.
v. malt·ed, malt·ing, malts
1. To process (grain) into malt.
2. To treat or mix with malt or a malt extract.
To become malt.

[Middle English, from Old English mealt; see mel- in Indo-European roots.]

malt′y adj.
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(Brewing) a building in which malt is made or stored. Also called: malt house
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Tulliver went on, "when my father began the malting. I remember, the day they finished the malt-house, I thought summat great was to come of it; for we'd a plum-pudding that day and a bit of a feast, and I said to my mother,--she was a fine dark-eyed woman, my mother was,--the little wench 'ull be as like her as two peas." Here Mr.
There is filling of granges, hewing of wood, malting of grain, and herding of sheep as much as heart could wish, and I the only son.
7.9.3 Castle Malting Malt Ingredient Capacity, Production, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2013-2018)
Tours class="ul 4-20 people Mon-Fri from 14:30 English language extra Pound 20 Types: class="ul Excursion S (brewery without beer tasting): 30 mins, Pound 3 Excursion M (brewery plus beer tasting): 45 mins, Pound 5 Excursion L (malting house and brewery plus beer tasting): 75 mins, Pound 7 Tours must be booked at least one day in advance via phone (+421 (0)903 700-614 or +421 (0)908 709-843) or email (
Australian barley is highly sought after by the malting, brewing, distilling, shochu and feed industries world-wide and is well known for its low moisture content and low foreign material.
Global Barley Malt Extract Market: Key Participants: Some of the key market players in the barley market extract market are- Simpsons Malt Ltd., Cargill Inc., Bairds Malt Ltd., Crisp Malting Group Ltd., Heineken, Muntons Malt plc, Maltexco S.A., Meura, Malt Company etc.
Expansion continued to six malt houses, making Canada Malting the largest malt producer in the world.
"The prospects for the malting busi ness remain positive, with global malt demand expected to remain strong.
Boortmalt operates 10 malting plants in Europe and produces and sells more than a million tons of malt a year.
The Briess Malt & Ingredients Company of Chilton, WI, is celebrating 140 years and five generations of Briess family ownership and malting tradition this year.
He begins with an introduction to growing malt and continues all the way through the malting process, covering topics such as the enzymatic conversion of malting, malt selection, and the Maillard reaction.