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Noun1.Maltman - a maker of maltmaltman - a maker of malt      
maker, shaper - a person who makes things
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The situation was almost as good in the back row where Mike Ellery, Ben Pons and Mike Maltman were putting in hi-octane performances and were soon to be joined by Neil Mason and Chevvy Pennycook.
CLASS: Ruth Sheen in her role as Gerri AWKWARD: Maltman and Fernandez
Leading scores: 68 I Clark (Hagley); 70 P Milton (Surbiton); 71 B Waites (Minehead/W Somerset), K Hall (Sherwood Forest), G Townhill (Brough), W Lockie (North Gailes); 73 C Jepson (Nottingham City Municipal), K Jones (Caldy), P Hinton (Bridgnorth), C Maltman (Eyemouth), M McLean (Chesterfield), G Burroughs (Boyce Hill), J Rhodes (Staffs); 74 B Evans (Pinheiros Altos); 75 P Weaver (Coventry), J Yeo, J Lower (Wollaton Park), P Clark (Sherdons), G Smith (Wokefield Park), D Craik Sr (retired), T Price (Golf Adventures), J Hudson (Rivenhall Oaks).
We have got experience but we have also got a bit of exciting talent in guys like Mike Ellery and Mike Maltman.
Coach Eamon John has listed a string of other new age-group caps - Craig Owensen, Colin Phillips, Mike Maltman and David Denton.
Sir, - Mr Jon Maltman is right when he says the USA demonstrates that a big state can be a success (Post, June 20).
8, Mike Maltman has made a solid start to the season and Ben Pons caught the eye with a brilliant individual try against Doncaster.
Sir, - Thanks to Jon Maltman (Post, Jun 20) for confirming that he is happy in the realisation that the European Union will eventually become a United States of Europe.
That produced three tries, for Dan Sanderson, Michael Maltman and Mike Ellery's second of the game, as Mose scored nearly as many points in one half, 22, as they had managed in their previous three attempts combined, 24.
The 2001 PGA champion forms part of a 24-strong line-up that also includes past Scottish PGA champions Mark Loftus and Fraser Mann as well as former European Tour campaigner Craig Maltman.
For the layman probably, for players of the calibre in Moseley's back row, Michael Maltman, Neil Mason and the peerless Mike Ellery, certainly not.
Harvey arrived at Troon yesterday as first alternate and a back injury to Craig Maltman opened the door for his fellow Scot to tee off at 10.