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n. malaunión, fijación imperfecta de una fractura.
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In addition, acute percutaneous pinning of the fracture prevents increased swelling, cast splitting and concerns about malunion or growth arrest with repeat reduction.
Complications of elbow arthodesis include neurovascular injury, wound infection, delayed union, nonunion, and malunion.
Despite the anatomical proximity of the subclavian vessels to the clavicle, vascular complications with clavicular fractures are rare occurrences, with TOS reported as an acute or late complication due to malposition of the clavicle fracture fragment nonunion, malunion, or hypertrophic callus formation.
Internal fixation of both femoral neck and intertrochanteric fractures may fail, and the reasons for the failure include nonunion, loosening of internal fixation, osteonecrosis, traumatic arthritis, malunion, infection, etc.
Malunion is the most common complication following distal radius fracture, which can occur in approximately 23% non-surgical treated and in about 11% surgical treated patients.
Dissatisfactory reduction might lead to increased complications such as nonunion, malunion, delayed union, and nerve irritation symptoms.
Delay or failure to repair these fractures may result in malocclusion, teeth loss, non-union, malunion, delayed healing, loss of function and less cosmetic appearance (Henninger and Warren, 1997).
However, in recent literatures various studies have shown that in displaced mid shaft fractures of clavicle, the prevalence of non-union or malunion is higher after conservative treatment in contrast to previous studies5.
3 Besides, it is important to select the adequate technique and instrument in treatment of zygomatic arch fracture because inadequate stabilization and reduction of zygomatic arch may result in malunion or asymetry.
Malunion after midshaft clavicle fractures in adults.
Early diagnosis and treatment of pisiform fracture is important as a missed diagnosis or delayed treatment may result in malunion or non-union resulting in chronic pain, weakness of grip and limitation of movement (7,8).