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n. malaunión, fijación imperfecta de una fractura.
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In 2018, internal fixation led the market owing to the advantages associated with the devices such as sorter hospital stay, lesser scars, and skin pressure, early functionality achieved in patients, and lesser risk of nonunion and malunion of bones.
Other postoperative complication like Nerve numbness, malunion, were also not studied.Other variables such as cause of the fracture, the magnitude,direction and severity of the traumatic forces causing fracture were also not studied.
Successful results with PFN in large series have been published although it has some complications such as intraoperative fractures, cut-out of the lag screws and varus collapse, nonunion and malunion (3,5,15,16,18).
Their study also suggested that when external fixation is used in unstable pertrochanteric fractures, a high incidence of technique-related complications (pin migration, pin loosening, non-union, varus malunion, and infection) is found (28).
* Malunion, which occurs when a bone heals in the wrong position.
Encountered complications were 17 (31.5%) including Limb length discrepancy 1-2 centimeters (5), skin impingement (4), surgical site infection (3), Need to approach fracture site (3) and a ngulation 5-10 degrees (2) while no case of malunion and migration was observed.
Rigid fixation of the fibula in the severely comminuted distal tibia fracture may, however, contribute to varus collapse of the tibia and malunion. In theory, low energy distal tibia fractures with minimal comminution or soft tissue disruption may not require fibular fixation.
In a study conducted by Waddell et al, [15] patients were treated with single lateral plating who developed varus malunion at the fracture site.
Objective: The aim of this study was to assess the cosmetic outcome (malunion, asymmetry, and scar formation), rate of bone healing and alignment of the clavicle (<30[degrees] or > 30[degrees]) related to the flexible intramedullary nailing of midshaft fracture clavicle.
Malocclusion and malunion (7%) develop as a result of insufficient reduction and fixation.
showed a large improvement in malunion rates (27% versus 0%) when provisional plating of ST femur fractures was performed prior to intramedullary nailing in fractures that required an open reduction.