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Misconduct in public office.

[French, from malverser, to misbehave, from Old French, from Latin male versārī : male, badly; see mel- in Indo-European roots + versārī, to behave; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]


rare professional or public misconduct
[C16: from French, from malverser to behave badly, from Latin male versārī]


(ˌmæl vərˈseɪ ʃən)

improper or corrupt behavior esp. in public office.
[1540–50; < Middle French, =malvers(er) to embezzle + -ation -ation]


fraudulent behavior, extortion, or corruption by a person who holds public office or a position of trust.
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Noun1.malversation - misconduct in public officemalversation - misconduct in public office    
actus reus, wrongful conduct, misconduct, wrongdoing - activity that transgresses moral or civil law; "he denied any wrongdoing"
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s motion to quash the graft and malversation case filed against him for releasing the payments for two contracts awarded during his father's term for the design and construction of the Makati City Hall Building II.
Former Baay-Licuan mayor Aunnielyne Castillo was found guilty of three counts of malversation of public funds.
Sales of the Department of Agriculture (DA) Regional Field Unit 5 have been charged with graft and malversation before the Sandiganbayan Fourth Division due to their alleged involvement in the fertilizer fund scam back in 2004.
Il a dresse l'etat de lieux de ce fleau , affirmant que l'ampleur de la malversation est due soit a l'incompetence des responsables qui ont dirige le pays pendant les trois dernieres annees, soit aussi a la cupidite dont certains responsables ont fait montre , soulignant que la corruption a coute au pays le deficit budgetaire dont souffre la tresorerie publique.
Vicente Joyas, IBP president, yesterday said that if the Supreme Court (SC) declares DAP unconstitutional, the president may be held liable for technical malversation, a solid ground for impeachment.
Manila The Department of Justice yesterday recommended the plunder charge against besieged former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo be downgraded to technical malversation.
Drilon warned that the Commission on Elections (Comelec) could be held liable for malversation if it would spend funds for an 'illegal' plebiscite of an amended Charter passed without the Senate's approval.
through his lawyers, asked the court's Third Division to quash his two counts of graft and one count of malversation of public funds claiming that the facts stated in the case information sheets "do not constitute an offense.
The Sandiganbayan Third Division has decided to grant the request of the children of Janet Lim Napoles to have their bail reduced in their 97 graft and 97 malversation with falsification charges involving the P900-million Malampaya fund scam case.
Et d'ajouter, en reponse a une question du depute Salem Labiadh, sur la non ouverture par le ministere d'une enquete sur les suspicions de malversation, entachant le projet de mise en place de la conduite de gaz reliant Gabes a Zarzis, qu'un comite d'audit se charge actuellement, de verifier et d'enqueter sur la panne survenue sur cette conduite.
has asked the Sandiganbayan to dismiss the graft and malversation charges filed against him in connection with the allegedly anomalous contract for the Makati City Hall Building II.
Emiliana Kare was recently charged with two counts each of graft and malversation of public funds.