mama's boy

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ma·ma's boy

A boy or man who is considered to be overly close to his mother and often timid or overprotected.
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ma′ma's boy`

a boy or man excessively dependent on his mother.
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Noun1.mama's boy - a boy excessively attached to his mothermama's boy - a boy excessively attached to his mother; lacking normal masculine interests
son, boy - a male human offspring; "their son became a famous judge"; "his boy is taller than he is"
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She wanted a boy so he can be mama's boy forever -- that sort of thing.
In a post titled, "Goodbye to Mama's boy country!" Chang announced that an inter-ministerial meeting held on Wednesday adopted a draft amendment to Article 6 of the State Compensation Law.
"Mama's Boy: A Story From Our Americas" by Dustin Lance Black; Knopf; 416 pages
(1) Dunbar's 1895 poem "The Dilettante: A Modern Type," for example, appears to mock a figure against whom norms of mature and industrious masculinity are often defined: the mama's boy. The poem's speaker critiques a dilettantish mama's boy for his passing and dispassionate interest in various artistic modes, as well as for depending on the labor, money, and care of his mother well into adulthood:
She recounted how Teejay used to tell her, 'Di ako nahihiya Ma na tawaging Mama's Boy, I am proud to be a Mama's Boy!'
'I am a Mama's boy. People can say whatever they want to say about it, I don't care.
With the Mama's Boy, you mistakingly may assume that you only had to win him over and he would be yours--not so.
Like Mildred, the character of Dixon -- a mama's boy and racist officer -- too is multilayered -- but Rockwell plays it to perfection and by the end of the film, he'll have your sympathies for his actions.
He also has a very calm and quiet personality that makes him the perfect buddy to relax with or the best mama's boy. Tommy loves to lie in your lap while you read or watch television and enjoys spending his days in the company of people.
Inkings he has had since 18th birthday: Cupid on chest Native American in headdress on arm Mama's Boy on chest Rose on right side Camera on left bicep 'Click' on shutter finger 'Made In England' on foot Eagle design on hand 'Pure energy' on finger
He also has "Mama's Boy" inked across his left pec and a rose on his right side.
Brooklyn was topless at that time, so his "Mama's boy" tattoo was on full display.