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(ˈmɑːmɑːkuː) ,




n, pl mamaku
(Plants) a tall edible New Zealand tree fern, Cyathea medullaris, with a black trunk. Also called: black tree fern
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He was assembling a team of teachers that represented the front wave of artists, practitioners and theorists, from Morton Subotnick and Ravi Shankar, to the Fluxus group and Judy Chicago, to the mime Mamako Yoneyama, who, when she spied us sitting on the curb, fell gracefully across our laps.
MDT itself was the brainchild of the impeccable and inspired research spearheaded by the Steering Committees of THELEP in classical epidemiology arriving at categorical estimates of the appalling extent of the frequency of dapsone resistance in countless global loci, and extremely well designed human and mouse foot-pad studies in such as Mamako, Chingeleput, Karigiri, Cebu, with combined regimens involving rifampin, itself arrived at by parallel TB intervention studies.
Unlike in the past when Nalako would comb brothels and hangouts in the afternoon looking for bachelors, now the 'game' as the unmarried man is derisively called, is captured following tip-offs from friends as a practical joke, said 70 year-old Usman Mamako, the only surviving member of the Nalako band from the last generation.