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(ˈmɑːmɑːkuː) ,




n, pl mamaku
(Plants) a tall edible New Zealand tree fern, Cyathea medullaris, with a black trunk. Also called: black tree fern
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As she lay in bed at her rural home in Mamaku in the Bay of Plenty, recovering from a hysterectomy and complex pre- and post-operative complications, her then fiancee violently assaulted her.
Tui, heron and rata are memories; heron and mamaku (the Maori name for tree fern) 'are in the permanent collection' (118), implying they are relics in a museum and suggesting a further loss of indigenous species and culture in post-colonial New Zealand.
ITINERARY: Te Puia Thermal Reserve, Rainbow Springs, Maori Hangi (feast) and Concert Mamaku Ranges