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Noun1.mamma's boy - a boy excessively attached to his mothermamma's boy - a boy excessively attached to his mother; lacking normal masculine interests
son, boy - a male human offspring; "their son became a famous judge"; "his boy is taller than he is"
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The guy should also have a good relationship with his parents, especially his mum, however the guy should not be a mamma's boy, the source added.
Shivang does everything that Arzoo hates, keeps having medicines, and talks about how he is a 'mamma's boy'.
"I Stihl" - yeah, he spells it like the chain saw - "remember the way things were back then/In spite of all my injuries I'd log it all again./Just to be My Mamma's Boy and to Hear my Daddy Sing/Proud to be from Oregon where the loggers are Stihl de kings."
The Czech-born 24-year-old said: "I rode four winners in Norway before I came over to Britain and my first over here was Mamma's Boy for Alan Berry at Musselburgh three years ago.
While Moi wants Uhuru to be taken seriously, local cartoonists, and some politicians too, lampoon him as "a political neophyte" at best, and "mamma's boy" at worst.
Splitting the selling handicap into two divisions won't have done punters any favours but I still reckon Mamma's Boy (4.45) will go close in the second heat.
Darin Harmon, a popular athlete, takes John Williams under his wing to school this "mamma's boy" on the ways of women and manhood.
The story "Flavio's Dilemma," for instance, opens, "He was a mamma's boy and nothing he did would be reprehensible in the eyes of Carlotta Bellini," then ends on the negation of the introductory statement: "Nobody is aware of it [his secret], neither his schoolmates, nor, least of all, his beloved mother." Even though the young man has started finding pleasure in more adult games, he is still at heart "a mamma's boy."
Perfs vary among Rebecca's quirky patients, who include a mamma's boy who smells sex wherever he goes, a career woman who believes her breasts are an impediment to success and a young man suffering from compassion overload.
Last time out, the David Barron-trained six-year-old would not keep straight for his apprentice jockey and was caught well inside the final furlong before being beaten half-a-length by Mamma's Boy.
Taffs Well, Maromito and Mamma's Boy were three other well-backed jollies to oblige and the bookies will be out to recover losses at Hamilton.
Course specialist Mamma's Boy, who has won six times round here, may struggle to keep tabs on the Ian Semple-trained Lion's Domane (5.0).