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 (mă-măl′ə-jē, -mŏl′-)
The branch of zoology that deals with mammals.

mam′ma·log′i·cal (măm′ə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.
mam·mal′o·gist n.
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Noun1.mammalogist - one skilled in the study of mammals
animal scientist, zoologist - a specialist in the branch of biology dealing with animals
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Rod was primarily a mammalogist who is internationally recognized for his work on shrew biology.
aNot only is this discovery a perfect example of the importance of good old-fashioned natural history field work, but we have the opportunity to develop a conservation plan based on our findings,a Scott Tremor, the museum's mammalogist, said in a statement.
Team Zayed will include Mariam Al Qasimi, a communications specialist who also coordinates the Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots programme in the UAE; and Rashid Al Za'abi, a mammalogist whose work includes responding to wildlife emergencies, inspecting zoos and monitoring and assessing mammals in the wild.
US mammalogist Dr Tyrone Lavery, from Chicago, heard rumours of the possum-like rats on his first trip to the South Pacific islands in 2010 but it took his team seven years to finally see one.
It's one of the most debated topics in early mammalian evolution, says mammalogist Alexander Averianov of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St.
Oswald and Juno traveled in ice-filled crates, accompanied by a mammalogist and veterinarian, landing in Newport Tuesday afternoon.
Tropical mammalogist and assistant curator Burton Lim along with graduate student Tom Horsley search out Mulu's famous bats and many of its small rodents.
The lead architect for the refurbishment and enhancement of the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial was Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and Associates, while museum artist Stephen C, Quinn and mammalogist Ross D.
"Necrolestes is one of those animals in the textbooks that would appear with a picture and a footnote, and the footnote would say 'we don't know what it is,'" said co-author John Wible, Carnegie Museum of Natural History mammalogist and member of the discovery team that also includes researchers from Australia and Argentina.
"Dioramas may seem old-fashioned at first to some, but they are more like the real world than anything you'll see on a screen, even in 3D," says curator Ross MacPhee, a museum mammalogist who, together with Roland Kays of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, is overseeing the updating of interpretive panel texts, visitor guides, and educational materials based on the latest scientific research.