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 (măm′ə-lāt′) also mam·mil·lat·ed (-lā′tĭd)
1. Having nipples or mammillae.
2. Shaped like a nipple or mammilla.

mam′mil·la′tion n.


a. mamilado-a, que presenta protuberancias similares a un pezón.
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To the westward the view extended over an immense level plain as far as the Mount, at Monte Video, and to the eastward, over the mammillated country of Maldonado.
The typical presentations are deep red irregularly or polycyclic mammillated plaques with macerated epithelial collarette border on intertriginous area, evolving into vegetative plaques [1].
Morphologically, the papillary muscles can be classified as conical, mammillated, flat topped, grooved, stepped, wavy, arched, sloped, saucerised, two tiered, interlinked, parallel, V, Y or H-shaped.
procyonis eggs, exposure to undiluted household bleach for 90 min to remove the mammillated layer did not affect viability.
However, the names Frizington, Egremont and Cleator Moor immediately conjure images of fabulous, classic barite, calcite and fluorite crystal clusters, mammillated to reniform hematite "kidney ore" specimens, and beautiful, lustrous, colorless to smoky quartz crystals of a stout habit on sparkling drusy hematite.