man and wife

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: and wife - two people who are married to each otherman and wife - two people who are married to each other; "his second marriage was happier than the first"; "a married couple without love"
family unit, family - primary social group; parents and children; "he wanted to have a good job before starting a family"
mixed marriage - marriage of two people from different races or different religions or different cultures; "the families of both partners in a mixed marriage often disapprove"
better half, married person, partner, spouse, mate - a person's partner in marriage
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Here were two people who had all their dearest hopes, wishes, and sympathies in common--who looked, if I may risk the expression, born to be man and wife. By the time when the fashionable delay of the half hour had expired, we were talking together as familiarly and as confidentially as if we had been all four of us old friends.
On 20 February 1590 Diego and Lucrecia secretly exchanged promises of marriage and at some time before or after that date "they treated each other like man and wife and knew each other carnally." From a dream of 18 April it is evident that Lucrecia was distressed over the prospects of giving birth out of wedlock, and at her initial appearance before the Inquisition on 4 June the judge noted that "she is six or seven months pregnant." She gave birth to a girl that summer and nurtured the child in her prison cell, where she received notes of tender affection from her lover, now also imprisoned.