man of affairs

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: of affairs - a person engaged in commercial or industrial business (especially an owner or executive)man of affairs - a person engaged in commercial or industrial business (especially an owner or executive)
amalgamator - a businessman who arranges an amalgamation of two or more commercial companies
arb, arbitrager, arbitrageur - someone who engages in arbitrage (who purchases securities in one market for immediate resale in another in the hope of profiting from the price differential)
big businessman, business leader, magnate, top executive, tycoon, baron, mogul, king, power - a very wealthy or powerful businessman; "an oil baron"
bourgeois, businessperson - a capitalist who engages in industrial commercial enterprise
industrialist - someone who manages or has significant financial interest in an industrial enterprise
oilman - a person who owns or operates oil wells
operator - someone who owns or operates a business; "who is the operator of this franchise?"
owner, proprietor - (law) someone who owns (is legal possessor of) a business; "he is the owner of a chain of restaurants"
small businessman - a businessman who runs a business employing less than 100 people
suit - (slang) a businessman dressed in a business suit; "all the suits care about is the bottom line"
syndicator - a businessman who forms a syndicate
transactor - someone who conducts or carries on business or negotiations
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Fra Luca, the man of affairs to Maximilian,[*] the present emperor, speaking of his majesty, said: He consulted with no one, yet never got his own way in anything.
What is certain is that the late Henry Allegre's man of affairs found himself comparatively idle.
He had neither the fortune of Henry Allegre nor a man of affairs of his own.
Writing generally as a man of affairs, for practical ends, he makes no attempt at elegance and is informal even to the appearance of looseness of expression.
He is one of the most powerfully intellectual of all English writers, and the clear force of his work is admirable; but being first a man of affairs and only secondarily a man of letters, he stands only on the outskirts of real literature.
But as a practical man of affairs it is acknowledged that you stand alone.
But being just a plain man of affairs, mostly of this world, I find spooks needless to my peace and comfort.
He went out quickly, the keen, tense man of affairs.
I 'm some man of affairs, if anybody should ride up on a vegetable wagon an' ask you.
A strange combination this of the worker, the idealist, the man of affairs.
"He was a good man, full of tenderness for everyone, and should not have tried to be a man of affairs. No matter how much I were to plan and dream of your future, I could not imagine anything better for you than that you turn out as good a man as your father."
As for Bell himself, he was not a man of affairs. In all practical business matters, he was as incompetent as a Byron or a Shelley.