Of or being a style of women's clothing tailored after the simple unadorned style of men's suits.


(of women's clothing) tailored in the general style of men's clothing.
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From airy white dresses inspired by Victorian lingerie to loosened up man-tailored suits, McCartney's spring-summer 2005 line newly unveiled in Paris was all about breezy confidence.
The man-tailored type, worn like a jacket, makes a perfect cover-up for those skimpy little tank tops.
Fedora - A man-tailored classic that's going to be super hot by fall.
She looks smarter, more savvy, and so unlike a guy - even when it's a man-tailored suit with trousers.
Cuffs - If you're going for the classic man-tailored suit, like those by Ralph Lauren, you'll want a lean leg that tapers down to a narrow cuff.
Ellen Burstyn cottons to man-tailored pj's; and Heather Locklear and Shannen Doherty pop into the Beverly Center store to pick out - what else?