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Capable of being managed or controlled: manageable problems.

man′age·a·bil′i·ty, man′age·a·ble·ness n.
man′age·a·bly adv.
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Adv.1.manageably - so as to be manageablemanageably - so as to be manageable; "this house is manageably small"
unmanageably - so as to be unmanageable; "`This house is unmanageably large,' she complained"
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Enter more manageably sized trucks like the GMC Canyon.
opportunities to consolidate and manageably expand the law program,
The way many Israelis see it, the conflict with the Palestinians is not solved - and may indeed be insoluble - but, under Netanyahu, it has been reduced to a manageably low level.
The company is focusing on serving every need of retailers, consumers and cats themselves by offering an assortment of furniture, from pre-assembled pieces ranging in size from 15 inches to 6 feet tall to ready-to-assemble pieces in manageably sized boxes.
In these cases, the HXs are manageably sized with external diameters of 7-10 in.
Therefore, apart from the manageably sized matched-corpus study in Section II.D, the analyses in this Article rely on electronic searches, primarily in Westlaw, to identify and count cases.
Appellate judges can't manageably evaluate it, but the public can, and should.
* Technical aspect: How do the mobile video tools work to provide an integrative presentation of videos and mirrored images manageably and unobtrusively?
Next, an exploratory factor analysis was conducted to identify the best items for each GSCM factor, as shown in Table 2, resulting in a more manageably sized measure.
The ultimate goal is a manageably sized event that's ideal for high-level conversation, learning, and networking.
Matching demand with capacity, and providing all the care patients require safely, manageably and sustainably--is, surely, the core business of DHBs.
could be manageably addressed by an app (or "by a well-designed