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v. man·aged, man·ag·ing, man·ag·es
a. To have charge of; direct or administer: manage a company; manage a portfolio of assets. See Synonyms at conduct.
b. To exert control over; regulate or limit toward a desired end: manage the news to minimize political repercussions; managed smokestack emissions.
c. To direct or supervise (employees or other staff): She manages 20 people in the department.
d. To act as the manager of (a performer, for example).
2. To succeed in accomplishing, achieving, or producing, especially with difficulty: managed to get a promotion; managed a polite goodbye.
3. To succeed in coping or dealing with: a drug that improves patients' ability to manage their disease.
1. To direct or conduct business affairs.
2. To continue to get along; carry on; cope: learning how to manage on my own.

[Italian maneggiare, from Vulgar Latin *manidiāre, from Latin manus, hand; see man- in Indo-European roots.]


managed economy
managed fund
nInvestmentfonds m (mit gelegentlicher Umschichtung des Aktienbestandes)
References in classic literature ?
She got through her lessons as well as she could, and managed to escape reprimands by being a model of deportment.
The other, a black-haired boy with large ears, said nothing at all but always managed to get her into the darkness, where he began to kiss her.
Between them Koku and Eradicate had managed to make a pitcher of the beverage, though Mrs.
Shimerda was a good housewife in her own country, but she managed poorly under new conditions: the conditions were bad enough, certainly!
But by an effort she rallied her staggering faculties and managed to regain the land.
We might have managed to put the man somewhere, if he'd been alone, but these women want family accommodation.
a round-crowned fragment of a hat, like the cap of Mercury, and mounted on the back of a ragged, wild, half-broken colt, which he managed with a rope by way of halter.
She has used it to go over, and then has managed to hide it.
Besides he all the time looked so easy and indolent himself, so loungingly managed his steering-oar, and so broadly gaped --open-mouthed at times --that the mere sight of such a yawning commander, by sheer force of contrast, acted like a charm upon the crew.
At last I reached my own box, and had some corn; and after Robert had wrapped up my knees in wet cloths, he tied up my foot in a bran poultice, to draw out the heat and cleanse it before the horse-doctor saw it in the morning, and I managed to get myself down on the straw, and slept in spite of the pain.
Even so they might have managed it (for Mikolas is a skilled man) but for cruel accidents which have almost taken the heart out of them.
When the door was locked, he showed me where to hang my hat, and how he managed matters there.