managed care

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man·aged care

Any arrangement for health care in which an organization, such as an HMO, another type of doctor-hospital network, or an insurance company, acts an intermediary between the person seeking care and the physician.
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man′aged care′

a health plan or system that seeks to control medical costs by contracting with a network of providers and by requiring preauthorization for visits to specialists.
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zdravotní péče
zdravotná starostlivosť

managed care

n (US) atención (médica) administrada, atención médica gestionada con fines de contener costos
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Virginia Bureau of Insurance Names Bryant Managed Care Ombudsman
One of the biggest--and most controversial --aspects of the reforms being considered is the role that managed care will play in the governor's final proposals.
Medicaid executive director David Dzielak says enrolling Mississippi Medicaid recipients in managed care has saved the state about $40 million.
Physicians seeking an alternative to the contracts offered by some managed care organizations can now rely on a new online resource from the Chicago-based American Medical Association (AMA).
Grumet's Guest Editorial in CLINICAL PSYCHIATRY NEWS ("Managed Care: Can't We Do Better?" February 2008, p.
Nursing practices have been affected by managed care at all levels, from nursing administration to direct patient care, causing one to ask if new practicing nurses receive adequate managed care education.
(Marblehead, MA), a provider of information, education, training and consulting products and services in the healthcare regulation and compliance fields, has entered the managed care publishing business by acquiring National Health Information (NHI; Atlanta, GA), a business-to-business healthcare information publisher.
The traditional titles of positions we are placing in hospitals, health systems, and managed care organization are CMO, VPMA, medical director, associate medical director, director or associate director of clinical research, chief quality officer, and chief and chair of departments.
BNA Books (Washington, D.C.) has also released "Managed Care Litigation," a 700-page hardcover book that is targeted to health practitioners who handle managed care disputes.
During the period of 1994-1999, California expanded Medi-Cal managed care from 16 to 50 percent statewide, in part, to improve beneficiaries' access to and quality of ambulatory care (Klein and Donaldson 2002).
Medicare + Choice, available in many states, provides reduced prices for prescription medicine or other benefits in exchange for enrollment of Medicare recipients in managed care. President Bush reportedly wants to reinvigorate the Medicare + Choice program by requiring future Medicare enrollees to participate in one of the managed-care plans.

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