management information system

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management information system

(Computer Science) an arrangement of equipment and procedures, often computerized, that is designed to provide managers with information

man′agement informa′tion sys`tem

a computerized information-processing force offering management support to a company.
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The Examination Management Information System includes the development of comprehensive software covering a complete examination cycle starting from college affiliation to degree issuance and verification.
Request for proposal for Design and Implementation of a Financial Management Information System (FMIS)
Given the fact that governmental organization is part of organizations that become involved in management information system introduction, and considering the rate of failure in the adoption of information management systems and high cost of management information system project, we face the question "what effect does cultural organization have on the adoption of information management systems?
It provides a thorough review of what it takes to build effective management information systems for youth services, including a detailed "how to" guide for preparing for and implementing an afterschool MIS (management information system) and strategies for addressing privacy and security concerns in collaboration with schools and families.
They wanted to organize and summarize management information system research related to defining the dependent variable, to measuring progress on defining the dependent variable and to improving the information systems research practice (DeLone and McLean, 1992).
A risk management information system allows the user to compare losses in one region against other regions by the types of injury, and when, where and how they occurred.
On the contractor side, LSLI maintains two offices, one in Fairborn, Ohio which is responsible for accounting, management information system management, and marketing.
the risk and insurance services firm, has brought out two new versions of its STARS risk management information system -- one designed for client/server applications and another for the Web.
It should be remembered, too, that investors like timely information, and for that you need a good management information system.
To monitor this, the injection machine controller and a robot controller have been linked to a management information system (MIS) that logs all operating conditions.
Tender are invited for Maintenance Management Information System Wipro.

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