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But it was not the withered hand of the angry old beldame that fell on the managerial ear, but the envelope itself, the cause of all the trouble, the magic envelope that opened with the blow, scattering the bank-notes, which escaped in a fantastic whirl of giant butterflies.
They examined it and saw that it was fastened with seals stamped with their own managerial seal.
He felt at the moment like a tight-rope artist might feel if suddenly, in the middle of the performance, the manager of the Music Hall were to rush out of the proper managerial seclusion and begin to shake the rope.
Office-hours were over: and at that period of the day, in warm weather, she usually embellished with her genteel presence, a managerial board-room over the public office.
He was scarcely seated in his managerial chair, when the Western Union threw the entire Bell army into confusion by launching the Edison transmitter.
IMAA (Institute of Management Accountants) has released a new Statement on Management Accounting (SMA), "Developing an Effective Managerial Costing Model," that builds on IMA's Conceptual Framework for Managerial Costing (CFMC).
This study attempts to look at the influence of managerial coaching on employees thriving at work through the moderating effect of perception of organizational politics.
Tribune News Network Doha Online job sites have emerged as one of the most common resources used for recruiting candidates for both managerial and non-managerial positions in organizations across the GCC, a survey conducted by among recruiters and employed professionals in the MENA has revealed.
Online job sites are as the most common resource used for recruiting candidates for managerial positions in organizations in the UAE, according to a new report from, a leading job site in the Middle East.
LAGOS State governor, MrAkinwunmiAmbode, has listed the advantages derivable from managerial leadership training to include increasing productivity and employee engagement, retaining people in service, nurturing future managers, arriving at a better decision, among others.
SUPERMARKET giant Iceland, which is the biggest company in Wales, is creating 100 new managerial roles.